August 2016 Archives - BodyShop Business
Production: Navigating the Parts Procurement Minefield

Every department in your shop should have a process, and parts are no exception. Understanding the who, where and how is essential for achieving success.

Technology: Love Your Air Compressor

Take advantage of new technology for your air compressor, the heart of your shop. And for Pete’s sake, don’t neglect this vital piece of equipment!

The Almost-Dilemma of How We Recruit

Distinguishing between what’s illegal and what’s unethical as well as following good retention practices can help guide you through the aggressive recruiting tactics in the collision industry today.

Technical: Know Your Adhesives

Many people assume all adhesives work the same. In the repair industry, that’s a dangerous train of thought.

Aluminum Series: Aluminum – What We’ve Learned So Far

Whether we’ve gotten an ROI from investing in aluminum repair or not, the F-150 has made us better prepared and wiser.

13 Tips for Smoother Production

If you use the following 13 steps as a checkdown for each vehicle in your shop, cars will move much more efficiently through it.

Post-Collision Repair Inspections – Something to Fear?

We’re in the process of repairing a late-model SUV with a substantial amount of damage to both its front and rear areas. Our customer has informed us that they’re having a post-repair inspection performed on their vehicle once the repairs are completed. This concerns us as we’ve seen and read where some shops are slammed

Web Presence Management: Online Reviews Matter… Only If You Care

Online reviews left by your customers and others have far more importance to you than you may think.

Publisher’s Perspective: Hey, Over Here. It’s Me, Your Brand

Brands are built over time, and it’s no accident. They have lasting value that goes on for years. They need to be protected like they’re gold.

Small Business Commitment

I had driven by this one body shop many times. They had sparkling glass on their front doors and a nice customer waiting area. Then I saw the one sign that’s a universal indicator of a truly great body shop: I-CAR Gold Class.

Editor’s Notes: 24 Months

You only have 24 months to ditch your old business model. This is the sobering message Steve Feltovich opened up with at the Sherwin-Williams EcoLean Workshop held June 28-29 in Charlotte.