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The Latest Automotive Refinish Technology

We’ve all heard today’s vehicles are not your father’s vehicles. They’re highly complex rolling computers with more lines of code than Facebook. But this isn’t your father’s paint today either. Refinish technology has made leaps and bounds as well. Here is some of the latest refinish technology on the market.

Why You Shouldn’t Cut Back on Digital Marketing

Profit is a good word, and the more the better. But when things get tight, owners and managers have to make tough decisions about what to do with their budgets, and often the cuts they make are exactly the opposite of what they should be doing.

Exit Planning: Strategies for Successfully Selling or Passing On Your Auto Body Business

Most business owners dream of either selling their company or passing it on to the next generation. Whatever the plan, the goal is a successful transition for all involved.

Employees: Is There a ‘Staff Infection’ in Your Auto Body Shop?

The morale in my shop is terrible. We stay busy but I see complacency, poor attitudes, no dedication and lack of loyalty or even basic desire to see the company succeed, let alone prosper. What can I do?

What Is Your Auto Body Shop Business Worth?

Just about every shop owner has thought about it. I’m talking about what the worth of their business would be in a sale. What is yours worth?

Why Is Employee Recognition So Hard to Find These Days?

It seems that with all the financially-driven and political noise out there, the good old-fashioned recognition for a good deed or job well done is getting pretty scarce.

Information and Training is Key for Scanning, Recalibration

I was talking to a body shop manager recently and asked him how he’s handling scanning at his shop. He said they only worry about it if there’s a light on the dash. Clearly he hadn’t heard of the dashlight myth.