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Use Your Head: A/M and OEM Parts

Pappy O’Brien needs a brain transplant. The good news: His insurance company is willing to pay for a new brain. “Yippee!” Pappy hoots. “That’s the luck o’ the Irish!” The bad news: His replacement brain is coming from Taiwan, not Ireland. “Well that’s a bunch of Blarney!” exclaims Pappy. “Nobody in the O’Brien clan has

Letters to the Editor

In Better Hands … Without Allstate. Thursday, Oct. 10 Hi Georgina! I think the October Issue might cause some excitement. I’ve had four phone calls in three days regarding the Allstate article [Oct., pg. 86]. Three of them told me the EXACT same thing happened to them. Two were from different states and one from

Selling Services

Some shops are making it standard practice to bill insurance companies in dollar amounts with no reference to the number of hours spent on a repair. As much as insurers fight this practice, the shops – which could include yours – are within their rights.

Out of Sight: Should You Release a Vehicle Before You’ve Been Paid in Full?

If you know your state law regarding mechanic’s liens, you can return a vehicle to its rightful owner and exercise your right to be paid for work performed.

Get the Gun: HVLP Spray Guns

wo in daily use with no deterioration to the snazzy design. Bear in mind that some paint removers and all abrasive pads will discolor even the best anodizing if you scrub hard enough. Oh Yea … and Read the Directions So what’s my parting shot on today’s HVLP guns? Read the directions that came with

Glass Work: Profitability

Because of the complications involved – hiring, organizing production, insurer involvement and discounts, etc. – most shops opt to outsource glass work. But is this willingness to give it away a detriment to profitability and to achieving a competitive edge?

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Though many shops are hesitant to join direct-repair programs, most consumers like the convenience and don’t particularly care where their car gets repaired – as long as it gets done fast. Does this consumer apathy mean shop owners should focus less energy on consumers and worry more about positioning their businesses for the future?

Tag, You’re It

If a celebrity’s car scrapes your car in a race, does it still count as a celebrity encounter? It does in B.J. Piekarski’s book.

The Federal Government in Your Shop

Most average-sized shops find it difficult to follow the barrage of constantly changing regulations issued by government agencies. But there is hope. Implementation of a Compliance Management Program helps management transform data into useful information, integrate business processes and achieve consistent compliance.