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Holiday Madness

It starts the day after Thanksgiving: seasonal psychosis – a temporary mental disorder triggered by the time of year. A time of year that unhinges most of the human population and some family pets. A time of year when a soccer mom driving a minivan won’t hesitate to flip you the bird as she pulls

You Determine Pricing

In an unregulated industry like collision repair, prices are subject to whatever the market will bear. Payers do not control prices. You can use any guide you want, write estimates on the back of your business cards or give written quotes in Euro exchange rates if you like. You might have missed a National Association

A Bay at the Beach: Rick’s Auto Collision

This thriving oceanside shop prospers in a DRP-free state where shop owner and teacher Rick Starbard is making waves in his industry.

Movers and Shakers: Kevin Caldwell

Kevin Caldwell discusses his hopes for the industry, his concerns about third-party influence and his inability to remember punch lines. Hard work is nothing new to Kevin Caldwell, vice president and COO of Autobody by Caldwell in Laguna Hills, Calif. Whether he was scrubbing pots and pans at a small restaurant, delivering the local paper

Choosing the Right PBE Jobber

Good jobbers can make the difference between scraping by and earning serious profits. Learn what you should expect from this “vendor partner” – and what’s expected in return.

Examining Materials and Paint Profitability

Why do some shops boast high paint and materials gross-profit percentages, while others just hope to break even? So often I meet with clients and shop owners and the discussion quickly turns to paint and materials costs and then their profitability (or lack of it). Sometimes, the “first liar never has a chance,” and sometimes

Managing Customer Expectations

Use this repair timeline to educate customers about the repair process

Hybrids: Why They’re Here To Stay

Fuel costs – gasoline or diesel – seem to be creeping ever higher. This is probably natural because of the rules of supply and demand. Oil is a finite resource, and as we use more of our own American crude in the lower 48, we’re going further afield to supply our ever-expanding need for more

Quote Roundup

For the Record…

The Right Thing For the Wrong Reasons

The Americans with Disabilities Act

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Lord of the Dings…