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Reindeer Games

Many shop owners eagerly anticipate the results of State Farm’s annual labor rate survey like kids on Christmas morning.

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The Joy of Flight

Shop Profile: Cornering the Luxury Market

This shop owner knew what he wanted and got it: a thriving
business that repairs high-end vehicles and doesn’t compromise on quality.

North Carolina Body Shops Rate Insurers

North Carolina insurance companies that pay for OEM parts and avoid high-pressure tactics faired far better in the 2004 Body Shop Survey of Insurers than those using steering tactics and strong-armed adjusters.

Assembly-Line Processing:Coming Soon to a Shop Near You

As repair dollars shrink and competition grows, we need to change the way we process vehicles to stay competitive and profitable.

Better Safe than Sorry: Safety Practices

After drinking Drano, electrocuting myself and setting the garage on fire, I was lucky I lived long enough to learn that safety practices are important.

H3: For The Alpha Male On A Budget

General Motor’s Hummer division was the best thing to happen to the alpha male since chest hair. Problem is, the original Hummer – the mammoth, military-inspired, ubermacho H1 – costs $100,000, and even the more civilian-friendly, hypermacho H2 carries a price tag of $50,000.