December, 2005 Archives - BodyShop Business
Facing Your Fears

If you’re making decisions out of fear, you’re making bad decisions. Although this shop owner was referring to how repairers are agreeing to just about anything because they’re afraid — afraid of angering an insurer, afraid of losing work, afraid of going out of business — his comment, taken in the larger context, epitomizes a

Wishing You the “Right” People

While criss-crossing the Ohio River recently in the passenger seat of Kenny Krause’s Moog Louisville Warehouse company car, a thought occurred to me. What a pleasure it was to be out making sales calls on customers. But, what made this particular day of sales calls so fun was the person driving the car. Kenny Krause.

Soaring Energy Costs Fuel a Quiet Crisis

If our rates and charges are too low to sustain our businesses, then we must pass our costs on to the market and raise our prices — immediately

Thoughts from the NACE Show Floor

Business has been bad lately. Real bad. So I went to NACE
looking for some inspiration and insight — and I got it.

The Heat Is on: Buying My Heat Inductor

I’ve made a lot of misguided tool purlchases through the years, but buying my heat inductor wasn’t one of them.

What’s Good for the Goose: A List of Preferred Insurance Companies

Take a gander at this idea: I have a list of preferred insurance companies that I steer my customers to. Not only have we been the reason many customers changed insurance companies, but we deal more now with the insurers we like — and less with the ones we don’t