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Get the Right Tool

I know this column will seem a little simple to most of you, but I felt it was a subject that was worth revisiting. Besides, it gave me a reason to update all of you on my little project. But before I go any further, I want to wish all of you a happy and

Get to Know the DEG

he Database En-hancement Gateway. It sounds a little like a term you might hear in a Star Trek episode, doesn’t it? (Cue Star Trek theme song): "All crew members brace yourselves, we’re putting the ship into warp drive to reach the Database Enhancement Gateway!" But it has nothing to do with space or science fiction

Banish Bottom-Line Business

Businesses that focus solely on the bottom line usually produce bad customer experiences. Understand what makes customers smile – and show honesty and integrity – and you’ll be rewarded.

Back to Basics: Selling

In a collision repair center, the most important activity is selling.

Guide to Adhesives in Collision Repair

All adhesives are not the same. And don’t assume that adhesives are universally recommended for repairs by all the OEMs. These are just some of the sticky subjects I’ll cover based on my experience with these products.

Collision Repair Customer Profiling

In order to develop profitable relationships with your customers, you need to be an expert in dealing
with their different personalities.