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Smart Start: Strategies for Opening a Shop

Once upon a time in the body shop industry, all you needed to start a shop was a garage, a couple pieces of used equipment and a good work ethic. These days, however, that formula no longer adds up to success. The advent of direct-repair programs (DRPs), the increased influence of insurance companies in determining

State Steering Regulations

Alabama None Alaska A claimant may not be required to travel unreasonably either to inspect a replacement motor vehicle, obtain a repair estimate, or have the motor vehicle repaired at a specific facility. If a person adjusting or settling a claim elects to have repaired a claimant’s motor vehicle and chooses a specific facility for

A Few Items on the 2003 Legislative Agenda

Regarding “no insurer mandate on aftermarket parts” for new vehicles in the warranty period.

Steered Clear

Steering comes in many forms – some illegal and some legal.

Less Pay for More Work

I’ve always felt that a top collision technician has more knowledge and responsibility than any mechanic, so why do insurance companies pay dealer mechanic shops $75 and up per hour? What’s a collision technician? He’s a painter, a sculptor (body work), a welder (three different types: arc, MIG, gas), a fabricator, an upholster, an electrician,

Cured: Let’s Talk About Why the Paint Shop Runs Slower than the Metal Shop

Both departments take their allotted completion times from a published labor time database, so 4.5 hours should pass just as quickly in both shops. But, as you well know, the 4.5 hours of work takes longer to complete in the paint shop. The difference of course, is the dry times. You can hang a new

Life Savings Be Damned

The 2003 Maybach by Mercedes-Benz

A Streetrod Named Desire

Hot rods earned their infamous reputation thanks to youngsters (or hellraisers, as respectable, law-abiding folk used to call them) who thought any place was a good place to race. But the love of street rodding goes deeper than fast cars, grudge races and pink slips. It’s more about preserving the past and never forgetting where we came from.

You Could Put An Eye Out with That

I’m going to tell you about things that could hinder your business.

Bribe(s) Gone Bad

Struggling to quit steering customers to another shop.

There’s Money In the Details

If you were asked what business you’re in, you’d probably say the collision repair business. But the truth is, the business you’re really in is the “cosmetic car care business,” which is probably bigger than collision repair and detailing put together. Many of you, however, aren’t taking advantage of it. What do I mean by

Lobbying for Your Livelihood

In one of his fables, Aesop tells the story of a farmer who was able to unite his quarrelsome family despite their individual differences. After trying in vain to reconcile his family by talking to them, he thought an example might work. So he called his sons together and asked them to gather a stack