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‘Managed” Repairs

“Freedom of choice just went down the toilet. Welcome to ‘managed care,’ collision-repair style,” says an Austin, Texas, shop owner about Texas Senate Bill 14 (which became law in ’03 and went into effect Dec. 2004). “The repair industry was blindsided. Nobody knew a bill like this was even being considered, let alone that it

When Stars Collide

This repairer was excited when former NFL running back Harlan Huckleby walked into his Michigan shop. But repairing Huckleby’s car turned out to be more of a headache than a hoot.

Should a Shop Charge When It Buys Technical Reference Material?

Bob MacCargar, owner C&G Paint, Body and RV Swansboro, N.C. Opinion: No We’re supposed to be professionals. When you go someplace else and have something repaired, they don’t charge you for an instruction sheet to repair your item. You’re supposed to know how to repair your item and be educated on repairing that item. There

Through the Looking Glass – Head First?

Considering the complex nature of collision repairs compared to those of glass, it’s debatable whether networking collision shops will be doable. It’s also debatable whether networks are in the best long-term interest of the collision industry, consumers or even insurers.

Mis-Guided: The Estimating Systems Are Guides, Nothing More, Nothing Less

The estimating systems are guides, nothing more, nothing less – even the providers say so. Yet somewhere along the line, repairers started treating these guides as law and handing over control to the insurance industry. “That’s all I can pay – that’s what [insert name of data provider] shows.” Sound familiar? On one of the

Dry It, You’ll Like It

Interested in making more money and saving time?
Then dry sanding might be for you.

Can This Salvage Law Be Salvaged?

Before rubber-stamping Missouri’s much-touted salvage law as model legislation, we need to examine how it’s established a benchmark for insurers that didn’t exist before — and costing shops business.