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State Farm Ups Ante: State Farm to Replace Its DRP with New “Performance Driven” Program

The headline read: State Farm to Replace Its DRP with New “Performance Driven” Program. The news spread across the industry faster than Ebola and was about as well-received. State Farm’s Service First and Select Service — which have been touted by repairers as the best direct-repair programs out there (for whatever that’s worth) — are

The Efficiency Myth

Everything you’ve ever learned about efficiency is wrong. Individual efficiencies don’t
matter one bit. It’s the overall process — the process efficiency — that we need to
focus on.

A ‘How-To’ Guide for Increasing Labor Rates, BodyShop Business, February 2006

Rather than belabor the exhaustive list of reasons labor rates need to rise, let’s focus on what type of market conditions act to create higher – or more frequently increasing – prevailing rates in individual markets. By Tigger (from his view in the Thousland Acre Wood) No one in the collision repair industry would argue

Heat Shrinking Metal

Lots of controversy surrounds heat shrinking, yet I’ve successfully used this process for 40+ years. It not only makes a damaged panel repairable (and can save a job from totaling out), but it’s also a less invasive repair.

Standard Operating Procedures – Working Smarter, Not Harder

Maximize productivity by standardizing “best practices” across your organization. “Since we started truly implementing standard operating procedures, it’s a statistical fact that I only spend two hours a week in three locations and that we grew from five employees to 50 in a four-year time period,” says Troy Gates, owner of a three-shop operation called Gates

(Bed)Line up for Profits: Spraying Bedliners Is a Way to Boost Your Bottom Line

Spraying bedliners is a way to boost your bottom line — and is strictly a customer-pay upgrade (read: no insurer involvement). It’s not easy owning a collision repair shop these days. Business is down, costs are up (and continue going up), customers are pickier than ever, insurers are cheaper than ever … Bet you could

Passion and Pachysandra: Metro Toyota Scion Accident Repair Center

As I glanced at the pachysandra planted in the landscape bed just outside of the front door, I knew I was about to enter a very special place. You see, I love pachysandra, having grown up in a house that had a huge bed of it in the front yard. Not only did it make

Doggone Drivers

A dog caught illegally driving a pickup truck that smashed into an O’Reilly Auto Parts store will not be charged with any driving violations, say Springdale, Ark., police. The owner of the truck opted not to press charges against the offending canine. Police say the owner of the truck, Michael Henson, entered the parts store