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Change Is Good!

Well, all the controversy is over. NACE is moving to Orlando, Fla., in 2011. There certainly has been plenty of talk about it, and now we can all get to the business of planning for this upcoming event. I applaud Ron Pyle and others at ASA for making the decision – and I also commend

What’s in a Card?

Who can forget the scene in “American Psycho” when the yuppie businessmen are comparing business cards: BATEMAN: “New card. What do you think?” MCDERMOTT: “Very nice. Look at that.” BATEMAN: “Picked them up from the printers yesterday.” VAN PATTEN: “Good coloring.” BATEMAN: “That’s bone. And the lettering is something called Silian Rail.” VAN PATTEN: “It’s very cool,

Negotiations: Educate, NOT Alienate

Quite often, estimators ask me how they should approach insurers to get paid for what they do. I’ve found that by asking these estimators the following four questions, we end up having a much more productive dialogue toward finding a positive path to proper reimbursement: 1. Is it required to put the vehicle back to

Is Registering Body Shops with the Department of Transportation a Good Idea? No.

While I do believe we need a better system of coordinating the true number of collision repair facilities out there and ensuring that they’ve all achieved the proper education and compliance, I also believe that national registration with the DOT has unfortunately not just run late but completely missed the airplane.

Point-Counterpoint: Is Registering Body Shops with the Department of Transportation a Good Idea?

Yes – The collision repair industry has been seeking certification, registration, licensing, standards, etc., in every state plus in the U.S. Congress since before I was born. And if you study this history, you’ll see that this effort has not been successful in accomplishing the industry’s intended goals, whether the laws were passed or not. So I ask you to consider supporting a law that would require that every collision repair facility that returns damaged vehicles back to public roadways have a “Department of Transportation” (DOT) number.

The Nuts & Volts of Hybrid Repairs

An increasing number of hybrid vehicles entering collision repair facilities means that you need the proper training to ensure accurate repairs and keep yourself safe.

Buyer Education: Spray Guns

Spray guns have come a long way since they first hit the market, and the universe has expanded. A look at their history and the many different types available will give us a greater appreciation for these marvels.

Back to Basics: Tracking KPIs in Your Auto Body Shop

Improving production is a neverending job for the collision industry. Start by determining where you stand with cycle time, touch time and labor efficiency. Then, look for ways to eliminate the “starting and stopping” of repairs and you’ll be well on your way to a leaner you.