February, 2012 Archives - BodyShop Business
Is Technology Killing Our Passion for Cars?

BSB Publisher Scott Shriber discusses those Generation Xers and Yers out there who consistently show that the automobile is losing ground to those pesky little devices known as cellphones.

Failure to Train Techs Could Lead to Heavy Consequences

In the February issue of BodyShop Business, Editor Jason Stahl discusses a recent $22.8 million court verdict over a faulty tire repair that got him wondering if similar lawsuits are on the horizon for the collision repair industry.

Web Presence Management: Keywords Are Key to Making Your Website Search-Friendly

Poor website design leads to poor search rankings. Here are some common mistakes.

Maintenance Tips: Air Compressors

Here are six crucial keys to air compressor maintenance straight from the manufacturers. Take care of your compressor, and it will serve your shop for years to come.

Does Your Body Shop Need a Scan Tool?

Collision repair facilities that purchase their own scan tools and receive the proper training to repair today’s advanced electronics systems in-house have the opportunity to reduce cycle time and costs.

Targeting a DRP

How do you get DRPs in a market where insurers already have enough shops on their lists?