February, 2013 Archives - BodyShop Business
Pearl Car Paint Job: Mastering the Three-Stages

Some painters dread three-stage paints and pearls, but there is a secret and a method of matching that works every time.

Heavy-Duty Collision Repair

Views and observations from the heavy-duty truck repair side of the collision business…plus helpful advice for those thinking of adding it to their services.

The Secret to Great CSI

Micromanage the customer’s experience and you’ll boost your CSI scores, as well as improve customer service and retention.

Examining the Future of Collision Repair

Publisher Scott Shriber talks telematics, driverless cars and preparing for change.

Repair Standards

Editor Jason Stahl says the topic of repair standards seems more complicated than just “follow the OE repair recommendations.”

Using SEO to Score Page One on Google

A page one positioning in a search is crucial to your website’s visibility.

Compressed Air: It’s All Physics

It was the hot and humid summer of 1977. Disco was in full swing. So was solvent pop and water blisters. But one shop found a creative solution relating to its air compressor.

The Shop: C.J. Vermaak of Dan’s Paint & Body

C.J. Vermaak Production Manager Dan’s Paint & Body, Tucson, Ariz. What accent is that? I’m from South Africa. You know, where all the good golfers and swimmers come from. Are you a big golf fan? No, I’m more into rugby. South Africa, New Zealand, Australia, England – we’re all rivals and go back and forth with