February, 2014 Archives - BodyShop Business
Crashrepairinfo.com Is Here

Launched by the OE Roundtable, crashrepairinfo.com educates consumers on technical information, various types of parts, repair rights and more.

Detours: The Birth of the WaterCar

Inspired by the Amphicar of the 1960s, Dave March of Fountain Valley Bodyworks decided to craft his own hydro-friendly vehicle.

Do the Math Before Accepting the Lowest Price

What is your shop’s profit on P&M? Including your favorite PBE jobber in the calculation will ensure you have the best combination of low costs and high service.

Time for a NAP

No, not that kind of nap – we’re talking about your shop Name, Address and Phone (NAP), which needs to be consistent in online business directories to maximize your visibility and search ranking.

Profit in the Paint Shop Series: Sanding Fundamentals

Sanding is not a haphazard application of various pieces of
grit-impregnated parchment, but a very deliberate and fundamental task of the refinish process.

MIG Brazing: A Learning Process

Learning MIG brazing isn’t difficult, just different. And because there is less heat and no melting, it’s becoming a necessary skill to weld the new metals of today’s vehicles.

Buying Tips: Frame Machines/Benches

We talked to several manufacturers to find out what collision repairers should be looking for when shopping for a new frame machine or bench.

MSO Focus: Load Leveling

Load leveling can have its pros and cons when it comes to trying to boost the efficiency of your multi-shop operation.

Family Ties

Sometimes working with your family can be a challenge, but it can also be a blessing as these collision repair clans have discovered.