February, 2015 Archives - BodyShop Business
Ask the Expert: Just Ask Me a Question

“Ask the Expert” has become a popular online feature for BodyShop Business, and now you can find it in the print magazine.

Publisher’s Perspective: One Big Number

Our best defense against this enormous spending is to support our associations and get involved.

Editor’s Notes: The Way We Do Things Around Here

Do you have a “The Way We Do Things Around Here” list hanging in your shop? If you don’t, how are your employees supposed to know what to do and how to act?

Web Presence Management: I Think I Cann

Last year, the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) set new rules you should be aware of in order to avoid the shutdown of your website and email. Here’s what you need to know.

From the VP: Financing Growth – Six Crucial Methods

Six crucial methods of financing available in what many are calling an utterly new and different collision industry from which we’ve ever known.

How They Work: Spot Welders

When your business invests in a squeeze type resistance spot welder, you’re really investing in the ability to consistently produce a safe repair for your customer.

The Problem with Color Series: How Did I Choose to Mix This?

When mixing paint, having a purpose to achieve the results you’re after will lead to better color match.

Cover Story: What Does It Cost?

Knowing both your direct and overhead costs is key to improved profitability.

Technical: The Flip Side to Aluminum

Change is constant and will never stop or slow down. How we approach aluminum will be the difference between making it difficult or making it easy.

Lighting, Air, Booth Filters and Signs

Buy and install more lights, re-pipe the shop with copper or aluminum air lines, buy the most expensive spraybooth filters and replace them frequently, and create attractive signs that tell the world why your shop is the best.