February 2016 Archives - BodyShop Business
Management: The Relentless Pursuit of Excellence

To get respect and be treated as a professional, you must master your craft and be a professional. So let’s set the bar high.

Aluminum Series: Fixing Dents

Aluminum is different than steel. If you don’t take this into account, you’ll set yourself up for failure.

Technical: Measuring for Damage

Improved vehicle designs have resulted in protecting vehicle occupants but creating damage further away from the direct contact area. How are you finding that damage?

The New Class

These young body shop owners are dead set on breaking the mold and altering customers’ stereotypes of collision repair facilities.

What Should I Charge for Feather, Prime and Block?

We’ve begun charging for feather, prime and block, but we’re not sure what the labor times should be per area or the material rate. Is there a place I can find rates in my area or do you know what the average would be?

Web Presence Management: Do You Have the Power to Connect?

Do you worry every day about your phone’s battery life? The following tips can help squeeze out a few more minutes, maybe an hour or two, and that can make a big difference when you need to connect.

Seeing Is Believing

Understanding solvency, blending and spray gun adjustments were all possible by listening or reading, but none were nearly as clear as seeing them demonstrated.

Publisher’s Perspective: Wait…the Future is Not the Future?

Last month, there was article after article about Tesla’s falling stock price, and several issues were cited as the cause. Does that mean the future value of electric vehicle manufacturing may be in question? I don’t think so.

Editor’s Notes: It’s That Time

My son’s got car fever, it’s all he can think about, and he wants it right now.