February 2020 Archives - BodyShop Business
Could Your Phone Take You to the Moon?

With people’s addiction to smartphones these days, your website better be spot-on or you will lose opportunities to fix cars.

What Is Your Management Style?

Are you cool, calm and collected as a manager? No one likes a hothead.

Frank Bird: New Publisher of BodyShop Business

In the short time I’ve been behind the wheel of BodyShop Business, I’ve met some wonderful people, and I look forward to meeting more of you and learning about the collision repair industry.

Twin Lakes Auto Body and RV Repair

Brothers Randy and Glenn Holbrooks began their business 25 years ago in Seneca, S.C., and are realizing how quickly the industry is changing.

Budgeting Time and Resources to Keep Training on Track

In order to make training a reality in body shops, you have to budget time and money for it.

Who Is Doing Your Diagnostic Scans?

The person who is performing your diagnostic work is as critical as the person welding the frame rail on a vehicle.

OE Certification: Are You Ready?

Today, you do not need to be certified to get vehicles to your door. But you will eventually.

Measuring Vehicles: Are We Missing the Obvious?

Do you remember when we used to set-up and measure almost every car we repaired? Why did we stop?