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The Buzz of Prosperity

For most of 2001, financial and economic news was a never-ending stream of mixed signals, confusing data and conflicting reports. Expert Analyst A disagreeing with Expert Analyst B, while both adeptly making use of computer-generated color graphics and historical case studies to prove the merits of their economic theory. During the fourth quarter, just as

Letters to the Editor

Georgina, I wish to congratulate you on penning a most stunningly wonderful editorial [Victims of Our Own Stupidity? Dec. 2001, pg. 4], which I felt handily expresses an honest and very realistic observational sense of candor. Your brave thoughts on this social topic strikes a solid, resonating chord deep within my own noggin, for I’ve

Stacking the Odds In His Favor

Leonard Lassak’s pancake philosophy.

Time Is Money

Prefer aftermarket crash parts or used parts?

Nature Vs. Nurture

Highly skilled technicians – Is it all in the genes or does training help?

The Need for Speed

Want more claims dollars? Strive to standardize your business.

Putting Our Heads Together

Want more claims dollars? Strive to standardize your business.

Which Puppy Eats People? Cycle Time

We live in an immediate gratification society. We want it fast, cheap and done right the first time. We’re so spoiled, in fact, that we get anxious at fast food drive thrus — "Fast food?" we exclaim while waiting in a line seven cars deep. "There’s nothing fast about it!" Consumer impatience is the reason

No Problem!

The team concept can increase morale, production and efficiency.

PRIDE Award Winners Selected

Check out the stories behind this year’s award winners. St. Charles, Ill. – The National Auto Body Council has once again singled out those businesses, individuals and groups in the collision repair industry that have distinguished themselves and the industry by performing humanitarian and/or service deeds outside of their normal job responsibilities. This year’s PRIDE

Scheduling Labor Effectively

Take a systematic approach to scheduling labor. I’ve been in the collision repair industry for 21 years, and one challenge that’s a constant is effectively scheduling production staff. Scheduling in this business is difficult because you have different repair jobs coming in every day and no two jobs are exactly the same — so you