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Making Things Happen on the Hill

While his breakfast may be unconventional, Bob Redding’s typical day usually follows a standard pattern – and it’s a busy one. When Congress is in session, you’ll likely find Redding – the Automotive Service Assocation’s Washington, D.C. representative for the past 10 years – at a hearing on the latest industry issue, catching up on

How Does Your State Rate?

Ever wondered if the drivers in your state wreck more often than drivers in other states? Curious how many repair dollars are spent each year in your state or what your shop’s annual gross profit potential is? Look no furtherTurns out Arizona isn’t just the place to be if you’re an allergy sufferer or a

Globe Trotting: Collision Repair in 16 Countries

Despite the miles – and oceans – separating them, collision repair markets around the world aren’t as unique as you might think. In fact, a developing market will likely experience the same growing pains and challenges as did its more developed counterparts on the other side of the world. Collision repair shop owners experience similar

The European Collision Market: Trends and Tribulations

While repairers in the mature economies of Western Europe struggle with static (or falling) repair rates, rising repair costs and insurer interference, collision repair in the less-developed economies of Eastern Europe is becoming a growth market – making it profitable to be a repairer … for now. The continent of Europe comprises nearly 40 separate

A Geek’s Paradise

Gathering reliable research on the collision repair industry is about as easy as keeping a New Year’s resolution. I think the last New Year’s resolution I actually stuck to was when I decided to stop eating condiments. Since I’d never eaten condiments to begin with (bad kindergarten experience), giving them up wasn’t tough at all.

Examining the State of the Industry

What’s happening in your shop and your local market aren’t the only factors influencing your shop’s profitability. Pay attention to the world around you.

Examining Insurer-Owned Shops in the UK

Although the phenomenon of insurers owning repair shops is still in its infancy in the States, it’s well-established in the United Kingdom – giving you the rare opportunity to see what could be your future.