January, 2006 Archives - BodyShop Business
New Year “Resolutions” Still Serve an Important Purpose: They Give Us Goals.

As we welcome in yet another new year, most of us made promises to ourselves — and the braver among us even made those promises out loud in front of witnesses — regarding what we hoped to accomplish this year. These “resolutions” — as they’re known — may be infamous for being broken, but they

DRPs, Here We Come? ….Direct-Repair Programs

Some say be careful what you wish for. We wish our shop were on direct-repair programs. Part 1 of a year-long series.

Quality Is Not Subjective

So what if the guy down the road will do the repair the wrong
way for less money? Don’t fall into the “locally acceptable quality” trap.

Success with Single-Sided Resistance Spot Welding

Despite having tried twice, experiencing failed welds both times, I knew I could save myself time installing a floor pan by using single-sided spot welding — if I could just get it right. by March Taylor I, like most in the industry, believe that squeeze-type resistance spot welding (STRSW) aftermarket technology has finally caught up

Learn How to Treat Customers by Being One

How were the holidays for you? Did you enjoy some well-deserved time off? Eat too much? Drink too much “cheer”? Get overly annoyed with your relatives and in-laws and beat the *&%$ out of your Uncle Ed because he … oh, wait. I digress. Perhaps you visited a mall or two, or 20? Or, maybe

Better, Cheaper, Faster …

Vehicle owners and insurers want all three. You can fight these shifts in the market, attempt litigation, kick, scream and even call your congressman. But at the end of the day, you either give customers what they want — or someone else will.