January, 2007 Archives - BodyShop Business
New Year, New Opportunities

The past year was a tough one for collision repair shop owners, and the year ahead isn’t looking a whole lot easier. The good news is, if you’re reading this, you’re still in business, and there’s still time for you to make 2007 a better year than 2006. But the only way to do that

Standard Procedures: A Tool for Improvement

In lean organizations, standard work is used to support the objective — continual improvement. If you’re ever going to get any better, you must start with a standard way. It’s the baseline for improving your results

DRPs, Here We Come?

With standard operating procedures in place that support our team vision, our DRP goals may be attainable. Part 7 of a series.

Pricing Paint and Materials

The ‘dollars times hours’ formula no longer makes sense. But if insurers can get shops to continue to accept this old formula, why should they voluntarily change what they pay?

Auto Foam: Proper Application and Placement

Foam is showing up all over the modern vehicle. Although its presence adds a new level of complication to repairs, it’s imperative that it be reinstalled — and reinstalled correctly.

Plan for the New Year: Launching the New Business Plan

Well, it’s the start of another “new” year, and as such, a time for some brief reflection on, or review of, last year’s performance — and then on to launching the new business plan. After all, haste makes waste and, by the time you read this, we’re well into the new year already. So, it’s