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It’s One Year Later…

One year ago today in the January 2007 issue of BodyShop Business, I asked you, our readers, what you wanted to change about your business in 2007, what you wanted to accomplish and what you saw as your greatest challenge. Not surprisingly, I received some impassioned responses, one of which I feel compelled to print

Service Repair Information: An Important Tool

Accessing manufacturers’ proper repair procedures during the preproduction phase or when creating a repair plan is crucial to being efficient and profitable.

One Voice – Body Shops’ Business Climate

Body shop profits are being squeezed like never before, but not all repairers agree on the proper fix. One thing most repairers do agree on, however, is that more of them will have to do a better job of working together in order to effect change.

Proper Plastic Repair Procedures

Given the shrinking pool of repairs, it’s probably a wise strategy to look for opportunities everywhere you can. Plastic repair is one of them.

Striding Toward Unity

Editor Jason Stahl interviews the top executives at each of the industry’s major shop-owner associations.