January, 2010 Archives - BodyShop Business
Making the Most of a Body Shop’s Space

Before you add more space to your body shop, ask yourself if you’re making the most of what you have. Eliminate waste first and you’ll soon find out how large your facility actually is or could be.

Tips for Metallic Paint Jobs

There will always be metallic colors that are virtually impossible to blend out nicely, and “tracking” will always be a concern. But there are steps painters can take to make these colors as painless as possible.

Featheredge, Prime and Block is Not a Body Procedure

The EPA’s new 6H Rule proves that Featheredge, Prime and Block (FPB) is a paint procedure, not a body procedure. Here’s how the 6H Rule applies to FPB and what the possible penalties are for failing to comply.

Developing a Lean Body Shop Business Model

Figuring out what problem you’re trying to solve in your shop is the first step toward creating a clear picture of where you want your organization to go.

EDITOR’S NOTES: Coffee at Denny’s Part II

I was back at Denny’s last week. Man, those Grand Slam breakfasts are great! So I’m sitting there chowing on my eggs and bacon when, lo and behold, I hear a familiar conversation in a booth behind me. It’s Joe No DRP and Al DRP again! I slowly slump down in the booth, put on