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Prepare Your Business for the Future

Ask yourself, “Am I ready for all this? Am I trained? Do I have the right equipment?”

Happy 30th, BSB!

Opening up our first issue, March 1982, was like stepping into a time machine. Everything looked dated, from the advertisements to the clothes and haircuts of our columnists and the collision professionals we profiled.

Web Presence Management: Building a Shop Website Isn’t Enough

No “Field of Dreams” here: Collision repair facilities today must realize that having an effective online presence is as important to their long-term success as any other facet of their business.

Aligning Car Panels: Closing the Gap

There are many reasons for poor bolt-on panel misalignment, some structural, some human error. But there are certain steps you can take to eliminate this problem and keep customers happy.

Chevrolet Volt, Ford F-150 Repair Procedures

For this article, specific examples of OE procedures, diagrams, specifications, technical service bulletins (TSBs) and safety precautions are taken from ALLDATA Collision S3500.

BSB Undercover: The Estimate Roundup

The BSB staff went undercover, taking a damaged vehicle to several body shops in Northeast Ohio. The difference in the estimates we received, the physical appearances of the shops and the way we were treated as potential customers was startling.