January 2019 Archives - BodyShop Business
Advanced Materials: Shops Weigh In

We asked three shop owners about advanced materials in their business and how they have accommodated this shift to more “exotic materials” in the industry. This is what they had to say!

Advanced Materials: We’ve Come a Long Way from Mild Steel

We’ve come a long way from the mild-steel vehicles of the past. Technology is taking the collision industry in directions we never dreamed of. The changes we’ve seen in just the past few years are mind-boggling. And I do not believe the changes are going to stop anytime soon.

Scanning and Recalibration: Addressing the Myths

The phrase, “scan to cover all diagnostics,” is being heard a lot in our industry, which creates a problem as a recalibration or a reprogram is not a scan. So let’s address some of the myths floating around out there.

What’s the Buzz in the Collision Industry?

What I heard out in the real world was that things are pretty good on the collision repair front these days. If we could just get the insurance companies to send the work to our shop and pay us for all the necessary repairs…

Welding: Do Welders Have the Proper Wire?

Technicians are unaware that the wire they have in their welders may be entirely wrong. It’s the same wire we’ve used for years, but it’s wrong!

Richard Branson: Listen to Everyone

Billionaire Richard Branson’s success may boil down to two things: listening to everyone, and taking notes.

When Napping at Work is Good

Get your NAP, or name, address and phone, correct online and your search engine ranking/overall online visibility should improve!