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Getting Their Hands Dirty

Getting Their Hands Dirty, Charlie Barone, BodyShop Business, July 2001

4 Structural Repair Laws to Live By

Many of us still rely on the might of the hammer and the sweat of the brow to return a twisted pile of sheet metal back to a safe and serviceable vehicle. But you can reduce that sweat by using a little common sense and applying a few laws of physics.

Behind the Blend

It takes more than technical know-how to create an invisible blend. Communication between customers, technicians and other shop staff is also an important ingredient. Mix them all together, and you’ve got the makings of a flawless repair.

I’m Just a Bill: How a Bill Becomes a Law

Remember the Saturday morning “School House Rock” clip about how a bill becomes a law? Consider this article the adult version, in which you’ll learn how the legislative process works and how the government’s actions affect your shop.

The Word Track an Insurer Uses to Influence a Vehicle Owner to Go to a Preferred Shop

We have a list of five companies here …” Sound familiar? Like … oh, let’s say … the word track an insurer uses to influence a vehicle owner to go to a preferred shop? But what if the roles were reversed? What if, instead, it’s the word track a shop owner uses to influence a

The Spraybooth School of Hard Knocks

Everybody makes mistakes. (Trust me, I’ve been party to some big ones.) But if you learn from those mishaps instead of dwelling on them, you’ll come out ahead – and may even avoid a repeat performance.

Industrywide Communication Gap

Until we develop uniform guidelines for the blending process to inform and educate insurers and information providers about what’s required, ignorance will cost us productivity and profits

Up to Your Boots in Booth Regulations

Where can you go to learn about spraybooth regulations? Is there anyone out there who can answer a question with something other than “I don’t know”? How the heck can you keep your booth legal if you can’t find anyone who knows what the heck “legal” means?

Lobbying Power

The NAII takes the 59th spot in “Fortune” magazine’s ranking of the country’s top lobbying groups

Back It Up: Crossdraft Booths

The old axiom is that two parts of the car must be flawless – the driver’s door and the hood – because the owner sees both every time he drives the car. Though you can’t change the way a crossdraft booth works, you can change the way you place the car in the booth.