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Hearing A Lot From Veteran Techs: How Hard It Is To Work In This Industry Now

They came, they took, they conquered. They sneered at my hard-won skills, took away my individuality and are replacing my surroundings with drab collective armies of smiling Mao men who are receptive to being told what to think, say and do." — a long-time bodyman on the invasion of his body shop "jungle" by business

My Girlfriend’s Gonna Kill Me: “I’m Ben Affleck”

It was a cold, wintry day in December 1997 – that awful week between Christmas and New Years. (You know how it is. Tons of work to get through the shop in a short week.) It was about 4:30 on a Friday afternoon, and we were having one heck of a snowstorm. In fact, this

Hot Driver = Unsatisfied Customer

Today’s A/C-dependent consumers need their air conditioning.

Full Metal Traffic: Ford & Bullet-Proof Vehicles

The Town Car BPS (Ballistic Protection Series) is designed to protect its passengers, for a price!

Staffing Your Front Office

Front-office systems come and go. Some are too complex or based on inaccurate forecasts. Others were doomed by unrealistic expectations. But it’s not an impossible goal.