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E-Newsletter on the Way

Some exciting things have been going on here at BodyShop Business lately. For over 25 years, we’ve been dedicated to making body shop owners and managers’ lives a little easier and more profitable, and that singular purpose continues on even more today. So many exciting things are going on in the collision repair industry at

OEM Repair Information Vital to Performing Proper Repairs

What may be an up-to-date repair procedure today can quickly become an outdated one tomorrow. Without an easy-to-use single source for correct repair information from vehicle manufacturers, the task of repairing a damaged vehicle to a high and exacting standard will often fall short. With the abundance of questionable information circulating within the collision repair

Customer Care to the Max

Fred Haas Collision Center earns accolades through a customer-centered approach and continual process improvement.

A Supplement-Free World: Just a Dream?

Many shops say much of their inefficiency comes from having to write and request supplement after supplement. Is there another way?

Laying it on Thick

Sprayed-on bedliners, once the realm of only a few manufacturers, are now available from many different sources as very basic systems to incredibly elaborate ones.

Thank You and Farewell

This is the last column I’ll write for BodyShop Business as its publisher, and while it’s a sad occasion for me, it’s also quite a relief. You have no idea how difficult it is to come up with topical, fresh and (hopefully) compelling editorial month after month. Can you imagine standing in front of 60,000

All About Energy Efficiency

These spraybooths tout energy efficiency in a time when cost savings are all-important to body shops.