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Every month, I try to write about something that I think will possibly assist some of you in running your businesses. Usually, it’s something I’ve come across or experienced that can be applied to our industry, and I try to present it in a way that motivates you to make a change or alter a

20 Tips for Better Customer Service

A recent run-in with bad customer service gave me the idea to come up with my own personal “Top 20 Tips on Improving Your Customer Service.” Look, we’re all customers. Even you as a business owner are a customer. Think about where you buy coffee or electronics or furniture. Think about your trips to the

Bearing and TPMS Procedures on Infiniti Vehicles

Sometimes it’s the little things that trip you up. You apply all of your knowledge, talent, time and energy to restoring a vehicle to like-new condition after it has been in a collision. You’re ready to deliver the car to the customer, but one of the headlamps, of all things, won’t illuminate. Or, the vehicle

Collision Repair Lobbying 101

The key to getting “at the table” versus “on the table” when it comes to legislation is establishing an effective government relations and lobbying initiative.

A Comprehensive Guide to Adhesives in Collision Repair

Many OEMs are now recommending the use of adhesives when bonding panels together. Here’s a look at the different kinds of adhesives on the market and the functions they serve.

Destructive Weld Tests

Destructive weld testing is a vital part of making sure you perform a safe repair – which is why you should do it prior to making any structural weld.

The Sad Truth About Collision Repair Labor Rates

Collision labor rates are pathetically low because of a variety of factors, including repairers themselves. But there are possible solutions that, if implemented, could result in more equitable compensation.