July, 2015 Archives - BodyShop Business
How They Work: Measuring Systems

New vehicle measuring system platforms, combined with a new battery of technologies, have made measuring vehicles faster and easier than ever before.

The Details Matter When It Comes to Vehicle Badging and Labels

We all know badging identifies the vehicle manufacturer, but badges and labels can be much more.

Making a Business Decision on Single-Sided Spot Welds

A question keeps popping up in my I-CAR classes: “Why can’t we use single-sided spot welds?” Read on for the answer.

Personnel: Your Employees Are Not Expendable

There are many levers and knobs you can turn to try to get different results and metrics. However, your workforce should not be one of them.

Marketing with Social Media

Why, you ask, would you want to be on social media? The answer is pure and simple: it’s free.

Avoiding Workplace Accidents

If you walk around the shop and look with a critical eye, you can start reducing accidents today with some serious attention to detail.

How Do I Get an Insurer to Pay for Proper Repairs?

The short answer is, you can’t make the insurance company do anything! Actually, the insurance company doesn’t owe your customer a single penny! Allow me to explain as briefly as possible.

From the VP: Make Training a Part of the Culture at Your Auto Body Shop

Lack of training not only inhibits productivity, expertise and skill development, it also exposes your company to liability and increased insurance premiums.

Web Presence Management: Top 10 Free Marketing and Social Media Podcasters

Listening to a podcast might be the ideal way to learn about online marketing and social media for your body shop. What’s a podcast? Read on to find out!

Body Shops and Aluminum, How Did We Get Here?

The significant increase in aluminum-bodied vehicles these days is driven in part by the same gasoline mileage issue we faced in 1973. The federal government has decreed that by the year 2025, the Corporate Average Fuel Economy (CAFÉ) is to be 54.5 miles per gallon for all car manufacturers.

Publisher’s Perspective: Danger, Will Robinson!

Choose what your businesses’ focus is going to be and focus on that. Become obsessed with that and stay on it. Keep an eye out for dramatic changes in the marketplace, but only react if it’s a game changer for your direction.

Car Heaven

We treated Dad to a trip to the 58th Annual Father’s Day Car Show at Stan Hywet Hall & Gardens, and it was one he’ll never forget.