July 2016 Archives - BodyShop Business
Customer Relations: Who’s the Customer?

The vehicle owner has taken a backseat in today’s collision industry, and it’s time to put them back in their rightful place.

Production: Don’t Be a Bottleneck

Bottlenecks come in many shapes and sizes – paint booths, frame machines, even people. Here’s how to identify and fix them.

Shop Profile: Designing a Dream

Walker’s Auto Collision decided to build a new shop with aesthetics and design in mind, and now no one even knows it’s a body shop.

Aluminum Repair Questions for Automotive Shops

Many collision repair technicians and shops are still very confused on how to repair an aluminum panel. So let’s clear up some of the confusion.

Technical: Mattes and Metallics

Matte finishes and micro-fine metallic finishes present some challenges, but practice and adherence to manufacturer guidelines can help.

Health & Safety: Keeping Your Records Straight

How OSHA’s new recordkeeping rule may affect you and your shop.

Dealing with Unreasonable Customers Part II

When you’re fed up with a customer, how exactly do you simply tell them to go away?

The Importance of OEM Data

Seeking out OEM repair information before repairing today’s sophisticated vehicles is no longer optional but a requirement.

Web Presence Management: Email and Internet Security

A crash course on email and Internet security basics.

Publisher’s Perspective: Hey George, Elroy is 50!

Many of the things that seemed crazy on “The Jetsons” have become reality, most of them in the last 20 or so years. So where does that leave us?

Communication is Critical

Communication in the workplace is a key differentiator of successful businesses. The employees can’t help if they don’t know what’s supposed to happen.

Editor’s Notes: Believe

The Cleveland Cavaliers’ improbable victory over the Warriors in the NBA Finals will keep us from ever saying again, “What are the odds?”