July 2021 Archives - BodyShop Business
OEM Certification: A Differentiator

OEM certification offers numerous benefits to a collision repair facility, including helping it stand out among competition.

From the Sidelines to Center Field: OEM Certifications

If you’re considering OEM certifications for your collision repair facility, take a good look at your playing field, what your competitors are doing in your market and how OEM certifications can make you the winning team.

STRSW: Hitting the Spot

Understanding why squeeze-type resistance spot welding is becoming the preferred/required attachment method of OEMs is imperative to help ensure a complete, safe and quality repair.

The Pandemic and Employees: A New Shift?

A new employee attitude caused by COVID makes me wonder if it will permeate all industries.

Who is the Real “Customer” in the Auto Body Shop?

Who is the customer? Is it the vehicle owner or insurer? The answer is not as simple as you think.

Bill’s Auto Body: Owner Drives Toward $1 Million in Early 30s

When Bill Shaheen began his career working at a local collision shop, he took steps to build his own business by doing side work out of his home garage, which eventually led to opening Bill Shaheen Auto Body in Carbondale, Pa.

Employee Care: Beating the Heat

As an employer under OSHA’s General Duty Clause, you are responsible to provide a workplace free of known safety hazards, like high temperatures in the work environment.

The New Normal: Full Recovery or Pricing Reset?

Collision repairers will continue to see their pricing affected as the new normal takes shape – and those who don’t react and respond in a timely manner will sustain losses they may never recover from.

ADAS and Wheel Alignment: Connecting Like Puzzle Pieces

Wheel alignment and ADAS calibration connect like pieces in a jigsaw puzzle. If you don’t know where the wheels are going, you don’t know where the ADAS is going.

Customer Service: Raising the Bar

How high have you raised the bar with your customers? Have you raised it so high that no other shop in your area can compete with you?