June, 2001 Archives - BodyShop Business
2001 Industry Profile: What are the Signs that Summer is Finally Here?

Baseball season is in full swing, kids don’t have to worry about homework, and it’s time for the BodyShop Business Industry Profile. Take a look at all the charts, graphs and analysis to see how the industry – and repairers like you – are doing.

Shop Owner Profile: What Kind of Men and Women Head the Nation’s Collision Repair Shops?

Are they ready for retirement or taking over the family business? We polled some of our subscribers – maybe even you! – to find out more about the people leading this industry.

Purchasing Profile: Aftermarket Crash Parts

You know you have to spend money to make money – but sometimes it’s on stuff you’d rather not buy.

Operations Profile: Operating Smoothly

Keeping a collision repair shop operating smoothly takes a lot of work. How do all of you cope with such daily issues as labor rates, insurers wanting discounts and poor fitting replacement crash parts? One day at a time.

Personnel Profile: Benefits Other Shop Owners Offer Their Employees

Curious what benefits other shop owners offer their employees? Curious what other shops in your region pay their employees? We’ve got the answers.

Allstate Purchased Sterling Collision Centers

“We’ve been a PRO shop for Allstate for 15 years,” says a New Orleans shop owner who’d just learned Allstate purchased Sterling Collision Centers, a consolidator with 39 shops. Though this shop owner didn’t see it coming, he did know something was up. “Several months ago, [Allstate] reviewed our estimates written for them. After a

Insurer-Relations Profile: DRP Arrangements

From DRPs to parts usage to insurers in general, you tell it like it is.

Market Profile: Overcoming Market Challenges

From dealing with insurer steering to getting on DRPs to trying to make a profit on current DRPs, shop owners are struggling to overcome market challenges.

Brushing Up on Paint Basics

Whether your paint technicians have been with you two months or 20 years, a quick refresher course on the foundations of paint mixing and application is always time well spent.

Signed, Steered, Delivered — Not Yours

Many shop owners contend that insurance adjusters steer work to DRP shops. To compete, you need to educate yourself so you can then educate potential customers.

Ignorance Isn’t Bliss: Training is Cheap

Think you don’t have the time or money to train your administrative and management employees? When you see what training does for your office’s productivity, training is cheap compared to what ignorance costs you.


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