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Blindsided: Blind Claim Audits

Blind dates are a whole lot more fun – at least you get to meet the other party,” says a California shop owner about blind claims audits. Not familiar with the term “blind claim audit”? How about “desk review”? A thorn by any other name still hurts just as badly – and, in this case,


Addressing Anti-trust Georgina: Nice article on Anti-trust [Editor’s Notes, May, pg. 6]. Just read it while I ate my lunch. If my so-called competitors wouldn’t be so afraid of their own shadow (Puxatawney Phil would be ashamed!), maybe the industry could move forward. Charge what you need to charge; the rest will figure itself out.

A Time for Simple: Complexities of our Lives

“It may be that the whole is simple, and that we are looking at it from the wrong point of view.” – Henri Bergson

(Not) Just Horsin’ Around

OK. It’s Journalism 101, here folks. Dog bites man – not a big deal. Man bites dog – now you’ve got yourself a story.

Respect: The Customer’s Auto When in Your Possession

Do not smoke or eat in (or on) a customer’s car. Do not steal the Viagra. And never use the test drive to take a carload of techs to a local lunch spot (or to solicit a prostitute). When a customer drops off his vehicle at your shop for repairs, it’s common knowledge that he

The Right to Repair

Just how accessible is repair information these days and is legislation still needed to ensure a level playing field?

Ignorance Is Expensive

Both the autobody and insurance industries are throwing away money by relying on the estimating software companies to manage data.

Get Buff

When, why and how to color sand and buff.

Nissan Murano: Motorin’

Crossover Cool: Nissan says the Murano was developed, designed and engineered specifically for the North American market and represents Nissan’s first entry into the crossover SUV segment. Total Damage? The Murano SE (for sport) starts at $28,200, and the SL (for luxury) starts at $29,150. It’s What’s On the Inside that Counts: Sure, the outside

Blind Claims Auditors: A Deal’s a Deal?

In one of my favorite films, Fargo, the general sales manager of a new car dealership is on the phone with the slime balls he conspired with to kidnap his own wife. Upon learning the circumstances had changed and the villains wanted more of the ransom, the sales manager/husband played by William Macy exclaims: "Hey,

Check It Out: Quality-Control Inspection

If you want happier customers (and less headaches), perform a systematic quality-control inspection before
releasing the vehicle.