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Bullying the Bully: Insurers Trying to Strong-Arm Consumers

When it comes to trying to strong-arm consumers into having their car repaired at a direct-repair shop, insurers have no shame. If you survived the accident, you’re fair game. Forget the long arm of the law. It’s the strong arm of the insurance industry that no one can seem to outrun. It’s no surprise that

Ode to the Unreasonable Man

“Great spritis have always encountered violent opposition from mediocre minds.” – Albert Einstein

Paint the Town Red: Aaron Clark

As a child, Aaron Clark wanted to paint everything in sight – and he did. That determination to fulfill his dreams has helped him to overcome adversity and to achieve his goals. Aaron Clark began his body shop career in his mother’s and step- father’s shop at the age of 8, literally growing up in

Don’t Compromise Safety

Because the insurance industry is focused on dollars rather than quality repairs, it’s up to us to know the proper repair techniques and to stand our ground.

Car Quarter Panel Installation

There are instances when using a used quarter makes sense – but only when we’re getting paid for all the necessary prep time involved.

Itemizing Estimates: Where Do We STOP?

If you’ve been involved in this industry as long as (or longer than) I have, you may still remember the days when handwritten estimates were a way of life and computers and computerized estimating systems were still just Buck Rogers science fiction. Since estimates were handwritten back then, they were often as few lines as

Out to Bid: Why to Shop Around for Shop Insurance

I saved $40,000 in annual premiums – yes, $40,000! – by going with a different insurer for my shop’s insurance. Not to mention the thousands more I saved in my personal lines.

Skinning a Door – Without Using Filler

Remember the physician’s oath: “First, Do No Harm.”