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6% Net – 15% = Bad…Getting the Repair Plan Right

Our industry has a tough time getting the repair plan right when we have the car. Now some genius thinks that we’re going to get it right by looking at photos and that we can give back 15%? Still, I’m sure shops will be bidding like crazy — underutilization being the motivator,” says DCR Systems

Cast Your Vote, One Repair at a Time

May the Best Parts Supplier Win!

Is the Insurance Company Also the Shop’s Customer?

  Rick Little, Owner Rick’s Auto Sales & Service Inc. Coshocton, Ohio Viewing insurance companies as your customer is an unhealthy and dangerous thing to do and will only lead to giving them complete control of the industry. We need only to look at the healthcare industry to see how subtly and completely this is

Charge for Paint and Materials

Our suppliers don’t hesitate to raise prices or add “fuel surcharges” to compensate for increasing expenses. It’s time we shop owners do the same. Insurance companies pay $22 to $25 per hour for paint and materials in our area, and these rates have been basically the same for the past seven years. We all know

I Lost My DRP!

State Farm’s recent announcement that they’re testing a new direct-repair program and that they’ll be reducing the number of shops that participate has left repairers scratching their heads and pondering the same question: Is there life after Service First?

Technical Feature, Ignorance Is More Expensive

Sure, training costs money and trained techs sometimes leave, but the fact remains: Most of the welds I inspect would fail a destructive test, making them dangerous to the consumer — and to your shop

Examining DRP Contracts

State Farm’s decision to move to a single Select Service direct-repair program has the collision world abuzz – so this is exactly the right time to talk about all DRPs and what a shop truly receives and incurs by joining an insurer’s repair network.

Is There Still Money in Glass Repair?

A variety of factors have made in-house glass work less profitable, but some shop owners still make it work. Is it right for you?