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The People You Meet

The “Coulee Region”.

Helping to Move the Industry Forward

A little more than two years ago, as I began my tenure as publisher of this great magazine, several advisors offered me help, commentary, assistance and support. For that, I was genuinely appreciative. However, as I think back upon that time, I’m reminded of the general “tone” of their input. Mostly, how they felt the

Who’s the Expert?

We’re the collision repair experts yet we allow insurers to dictate how repairs are done and let them pay us a mere pittance for it. The potential result is my biggest fear: an industry full of unqualified technicians

Chalk One Up for the Little Guy

My firsthand account of taking Progressive to small claims court over refinish time…and winning.

There’s a new DRP concept out there aimed at building high-volume, exclusive working relationships between body shops and insurers. But who will be the ultimate benefactor?

Don’t ‘Air’ with Your Compressor

Here’s the latest on air compressor technology and basic maintenance tips to keep yours running efficiently

Fixing Paint Damage on Ford 500s and Mercury Montegos

A valued customer just visited your collision shop and pointed out that the paint is wearing off the rear quarter panel dogleg area of his 2005 Ford 500. You’ve seen this before and questioned the reasons behind it but never knew that Ford had published a repair procedure for it. This article describes the repair