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JUNE COVER STORY: Protect Your Interests

With the proper legal advice, you can use these documents to establish you and your customers’ rights, obligations and interests at the outset of your business relationship.

PROFIT CENTER: Sprayed & Paid

Sprayed-on coatings aren’t just limited to bedliners. Applications are so diverse you might just end up creating a whole new market.

TECH TIPS: Fixing a Rattle in the Honda Element Tailgate

It’s the little things that can alter a customer’s perception of a collision repair facility. After you repair a vehicle, the customer may come back with something he or she hadn’t noticed before. It must be your fault, right? Not necessarily! Sometimes a problem already exists with a vehicle, and the only way you could

EDITOR’S NOTES: Customer Service 101

A CARSTAR executive once told me that he advises franchisees to train their front-office staff to come out from behind the counter and greet each customer warmly and enthusiastically when they arrive at the store. That might seem trivial to some, but I’m a firm believer in that approach based on a recent experience I


It seems like every time I turn on the radio or TV or pick up a newspaper, doom and gloom news about the economy abounds. Banks, auto makers, this group and that group are waving the red flag and saying that their industry is being devastated by the current economic woes. Frankly, I’ve just about