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Legal to Waive a Customer’s Insurance Deductible for Auto Body Repair?

Insurers will say that collision repairers waiving a consumer’s deductible equals insurance fraud. But unless your state law requires a shop to collect an insured’s deductible, you have no obligation to do so. After all, the contract for repair is with the consumer, not the insurer, so arrangements you make with the consumer are per your contract only.

Publisher’s Perspective: Harnessing the Internet

At several recent industry conferences I attended, social media was the topic of much conversation. Everyone wanted to know what this new phenomenon is and should they be doing it. I think the discussion warrants a closer look at the Internet, which is, of course, the medium that social media exists within. Any discussion about

Editor’s Notes: Let’s Take the Lead

rned it from Noah Rickun of BuyGitomer, Inc., who gave a presentation on sales mastery at the Paint, Body & Equipment Specialists Spring Conference held April 28-29 in Phoenix. But it lets me also chime in on the aftermarket parts controversy stirred up by a demonstration at January’s Collision Industry Conference that gave people the

Front-Desk Fender Bender

Every day, Ashley Hill sits for hours on end behind the wheel of a candy pink ’65 Ford Mustang customized just for her. It’s a tough job, but somebody has to do it. Hill, a receptionist at Brasher’s Auto & Truck Collision in Wood Village, Ore., is one of five shop employees whose desk has

Debate: Do Dealership Body Shops Perform the Lowest Quality Repairs? No.

Bob Flanigan, manager, O’Daniel Motor Sales Body Shop, Ft. Wayne, Ind., argues that dealership shops perform quality repairs.

Debate: Do Dealership Body Shops Perform the Lowest Quality Repairs? Yes.

Danny Wyatt, owner, Collision Service Investigators, Salisbury, N.C., argues that dealership shops perform the worst repairs.

How to Retrofit a Spraybooth for Waterborne

“Makeover” shows are all the rage on TV today, but none concentrate on making over spraybooths for waterborne/low-VOC basecoats. So what do you need to do to restyle your booth? Listen up and your booth could become the height of fashion…and efficiency.