June 2016 Archives - BodyShop Business
Aluminum Series: How to Work Safely When Repairing Aluminum

Maintaining a safe and healthy work environment when working with aluminum requires implementing SOPs and having the proper equipment and shop layout.

Refinish: The Green Scene

An update on the low-VOC/waterborne product market and how collision repairers are integrating “green” into their shops.

Technical: The Heat is Dropping

Heat is the enemy to a lot of the different metals in vehicles today, which is why many of them require MIG brazing.

Super Ideas for Your Shop

These initiatives from creative shops might just inspire you to be different and daring.

How to Get Insurers to Pay for Necessary Procedures and Parts

When the insurer refuses to provide for necessary procedures and parts, how can we get them to pay?

Web Presence Management: Selling Web Design from a Taco Truck

Once again, it’s time to urge you to avoid the dirty tricks and scams some web developers practice routinely.

Know the Difference

It takes years before you understand all the lingo and applicable terminology in our industry. There are so many letters! Which one is CFM, and which one is PSI? Is GP the same as GM? Does your DRP suggest PDR?

Publisher’s Perspective: Education in the Mile High City

It’s always refreshing to get an inside look at a group of businesses that provides all of us the products vital to our success. I hope to see you all at NACE | CARS in Anaheim.

Editor’s Notes: What Makes You Stand Out?

With business harder and harder to come by these days, you really need to find something unique to make you stand out…and make you unforgettable.