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Last Page: Is it Time to be Cautious?

Lately, it’s been hard to avoid the discouraging news: stock market declines, slowing economy, reduced earnings, layoffs and bankruptcies.

It’s the General Lee! It’s a White Ford Bronco! Wait…It’s a Wheelchair!?

When it comes to outrunning the cops on the highway, a wheelchair probably isn’t the best vehicle to use. (Note, BodyShop Business would never condone leading police on chase, unless of course you were being pursued by Sheriff Roscoe P. Coltrain, or you just didn’t want a ticket). But for an elderly man in London last November, being pulled over by the police meant not having to roll down his window.

Blowing Smoke: Servicing Exhaust Systems

It’s more than likely you’ve seen your fair share of damaged exhaust systems. But without knowing the critical points of inspection, you may have missed something – which unfortunately revealed itself to the customer later.

Pointing Fingers: DRP Agreements Attempt to Shift Liability

Recent concern has developed in the aftermath of Avery v. State Farm that a DRP agreement attempts to shift liability from the insurance company to the shop in the event of a lawsuit brought by an unsatisfied consumer – or, worse yet, an entire class of unsatisfied consumers. Is this concern valid? Are shops becoming scapegoats?

Oops … I Did It Again: Color Matching

Are you a repeat offender when it comes to color matching mistakes? Color matching doesn’t have to be difficult – or costly – if you follow this simple advice.

Dealing with State Farm

“Every shop in this country deals with State Farm, and they all understand that SF can, if it wants, put them out of business. In many markets, it will be a ‘take it or leave it’ situation,” says a shop owner about SF’s revised contract for its direct-repair shops. “I depend on SF insureds and claimants about 50 percent of the time. I, like every other shop owner, have some hard choices to make.”

Taking the Cycle Time Challenge

You’d think the simple solution to developing shorter cycle times would be to have everyone work faster. Ahh, Grasshopper, things aren’t so simple. First you have to define, measure, standardize and reward – and each one of these steps is a challenge to achieve. But the long-term gain is worth the short-term pain.

Can Structural Repairs Be Profitable?

The answer is up to you. With an accurate estimate, trained technicians and the proper procedures, you can be sure those big hits don’t become big losers.

5 Secrets for Successful Structural Repairs

Yesterday’s strategy for repairing vehicle frames: Pull really hard. Today’s strategy for repairing vehicle frames: Analyze the damage, hold, block, pressure monitor and stress relieve.

More Brains, Less Brawn: Straightening a Vehicle

Brute force isn’t necessary to straighten a vehicle. Still, techs like to flex their muscles rather than use their brains to get the job done.

The Technical Side of Bedliners

Deciding to offer sprayed-on bedliners is more than a simple business decision. It requires some technical know-how. Which system is right for your shop? Which gun type is right for the system you choose? And which chemicals will mean quality jobs, satisfied customers and long-lasting color? All these are important questions if you intend to profit from this profit center.

Perma-Tech: the Industry’s First Microprocessor Controlled Spray System

The health and vitality of any industry can usually be linked directly to continued technological advances. In 1995, when Perma-Tech founder Allen Warner began looking for a new business opportunity, the sprayed-on bedliner industry caught his attention. After researching all of the existing sprayed-on bedliner companies, he concluded: “There must be a better way to