March, 2003 Archives - BodyShop Business
I Wanted to Tell You Something Important, but I Forget What It Was

There will come a time in your life when you will forget things no matter how you try.

How Does Your State Rate: Aftermarket and Remanufactured parts

I’ve always enjoyed soaking up the wealth of knowledge in each new issue of BodyShop Business, yet this month I was somewhat disappointed when reading the research article you wrote [Jan. 2003, pg. 20; potential gross sales per shop in vermont is $79,124, the lowest in the country]. I’m a third-generation collision shop owner with

Trade Secrets

Unusual, everyday tools commonly used in the collision repair industry.

(Not) Stuck on You: Plastic Parts Repairs

Unfortunately, when it comes to plastic parts repairs, many techs have experienced failures and would rather perform a procedure they are successful at: replacing the part.

Charge for What You Do: Replacing a Quarter Panel

What’s a quarter worth these days? No, I’m not asking the value of an American quarter dollar. I’m asking you to consider what you should be charging to replace a quarter panel. Are you charging enough for the amount of work involved in a good quality repair? A lot of shop owners and managers insist

PCers Run Amuck

Re-repairs vs. ongoing repairs.