March, 2006 Archives - BodyShop Business
You’re Not an Order Taker

I’ve always said to ‘write our own estimate.’ But recently, something came to my attention from an insurance rep and then I checked with my attorney: If the check has the shop’s name on it, my attorney said that makes the adjuster’s estimate a contract and all the methods, procedures and parts choices are to

Reaching Out: Bill Laber Has Passed Away

Throughout my life, I’ve been blessed with several mentors, and Bill Laber was such a mentor to me throughout our 14-year friendship. Today, I was shocked to learn that he had passed away over the weekend. I remain dazed, angry, confused, deeply saddened and remorseful that I hadn’t seen him in person in more than

Incompetent Drivers Cause Traffic Jams

A new study by L. Craig Davis, a physicist at the University of Michigan at Ann Arbor, has revealed shocking news: Most drivers are idiots, and these idiots are the cause of most traffic jams. NO! I never would have guessed! I thought the oh-so-hard written exam for a temporary license would have weeded them

Show Me the Savings!

Insurers are writing for partial paint times on repaired panels, claiming it doesn’t take as long to apply color to part of a panel as it does to the whole panel. We all know this is bogus.

Waste Not, Want Not: Eliminate “Waste” in the Business

The overall objective of a process-centered enterprise is to eliminate “waste” in the business. In doing so, you can more effectively deliver what customers want — and reduce your costs.

DRPs, Here We Come? If We Want Our DRPs, Insurers Need to Respect Us

After a short period of kowtowing to insurers, we came to our senses and realized that if we want our DRPs, insurers need to respect us. Enter: our “house rules.” Part 2 of a year-long series.

Going Head to Head

Collision repair consolidators seem focused on customer service as opposed to offering insurance companies even lower repair costs. They’re also concentrated on honing their operations to a razor sharp state of efficiency (which, incidentally, will lower repair costs).

Matching Tricoat Pearls: Think Groundcoat

Making a let-down panel doesn’t solve the problem of matching tricoat pearl color. There’s got to be a better way – and there is: an invisible foundation-coat repair. If an automotive painter were asked what he did for a living, it would be fair for him to say that he’s a master illusionist. Citizen Jane