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Market Your Difference

A professional football player laying a ferocious hit on another is one way to get people thinking about “collision.” That’s what Angelo Papotto was banking on when he signed up for an advertising package with a local TV channel to “plant a seed in people’s heads” to get them thinking about his three Suburban Collision

Success is No Clich

One of our primary contributing editors, John Sweigart, recently provided us with some thoughtful input. He said that shops “need to start fixing the business process that fixes cars.” That struck a chord with me. Other contributing editors chimed in on this topic as well, and when you read over the collective diatribe, you find

Small Steps Toward ‘Better’

Relentless, incremental, small improvements to the way you work are more effective than occasional big changes. It’s about gradual, daily movement toward a better way. It’s about continuous improvement.

Shifty Business: Cost Shifting

Not getting paid properly? Cost shifting is not the solution, and is just plain bad busiess.

DRPs, Here We Come?

Having systems in place is key to being able to offer guaranteed delivery dates. And that could be our key to making a DRP relationship a profitable one. Part 8 of a series.

Measuring from the Inside Out

Thorough measuring inside the vehicle as well as outside leads to easier assembly and better quality repairs – with less last-minute emergency adjustments.

Stand Out from the Competition – Gates Auto Body

Gates Auto Body believes that standard operating practices allow companies to do what their competition doesn’t – turn their employees into top performers and maximize results.

Avoiding Dodge Charger Rear Deck Lid Problems

Your shop has just repaired a 2006 Dodge Charger LX that was damaged in the rear. The repairs included replacing the rear body panel, deck lid and rear fascia. Everything looks great, and the fit and finish are to OEM standards. You’ve taken all the right steps, and your customer has happily picked up the