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Legislative Lowdown

Federal – Federal oversight of the insurance industry appears to be more likely as President Barack Obama and members of Congress roll out plans to address the country’s economic woes in what experts say is the largest regulatory overhaul since the Great Depression. House Financial Services Chair Barney Frank (D-Mass.) said in early February that

Follow These Instructions

Call me completely naive or totally misinformed, but there are certain things that I assume all people do.  For instance, I assume that all people wear seat belts. For me, it’s automatic, even when I’m simply crossing a parking lot. I know, perhaps that’s a little over-cautious, but I just feel safer. So I was

TECH TIPS: Front Passenger Seat Accessory Precautions

Post-collision repair requirements differ from manufacturer to manufacturer. Thus, you must be prepared to evaluate, research and document each and every crash-damaged vehicle that’s brought into your repair facility. Seat belts, steering systems, occupant sensors, on-board diagnostics and air bag components and systems, as well as proper alignment of structurally related components, are only a

Stuck On You

Repairers are bonding more with adhesives because, used properly with welding, they can lead to better repairs than welding or adhesives alone.

Preparing a Body Shop for Waterborne Paint Conversion

Waterborne is better for the environment and has some unique and beneficial advantages. But it isn’t a switch that should be made on a whim.
Part 3 of a three-part series.

Confessions of a Hail Chaser

Hail chasers have evolved from an illegitimate group of ragtag hooligans to a new breed of professional PDR technicians. But there are some stories from the early years…

MARCH COVER STORY: Rally for Retail

Trying to change your posted door rate that insurers control might be as silly as wishing for wings to fly. Creating retail list prices, however, could establish a baseline for negotiation and show insurers just how much of a discount they’re getting.