March 2016 Archives - BodyShop Business
Equipment Snapshot: Spraybooths

We take a quick but comprehensive look at new advances in spraybooths.

Aluminum Series: Know What You’re Working With

The differences in aluminum in automobiles may seem slight in some cases, but the repairs could be very different as far as how they’re done.

Technical: Glass Replacement Goes Hi-Tech

New tools and the need for electronics to complete the job have changed the glass replacement business.

The Great Divide

The division among shops on how to properly repair a vehicle today is too great. Just because there are many different ways to repair a vehicle doesn’t mean you should try some of them.

Who Pays for Parts That Don’t Fit?

Is there a form we can create that will make the insurance company pay for both parts if the aftermarket will not fit correctly and we have to buy OEM?

Health & Safety: Respirators – The VIP of PPE

Painters in collision repair shops have the heaviest exposure to isocyanates, but technicians can be exposed to them around the shop as they’re mixing paints, cleaning paint guns, cleaning spills and breathing in paint mists. That’s why respirators are a must.

Web Presence Management: Google Suggests You Need an Expert Writer

Google insists that you need high-quality and engaging content for your websites. Their suggestion? Hire an expert writer who knows what to write…and how.

Explain Yourself

How would you explain the auto body industry and what you do for work to the fellow next to you at the bar? Here’s what I tell him.

Publisher’s Perspective: Just Makes Sense

Babcox Media has merged our existing job sites with the Auto Care Association’s site so there is now one common place to go to learn about our industry and all the opportunities within it.

Editor’s Notes: So Long, Jim

When I found out Jim Smith, a fellow editor of mine, passed away suddenly on Feb. 17th, it felt a little like I lost my lifeline.