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DRPs: Do You or Don’t You

“I don’t DRP for any insurer that would impede my ability to do so,” says one respondent to our annual Industry Profile when asked if, as a DRP, he can still repair a vehicle to pre-accident condition.

Lights! Cameras! Roll ‘Em!

Autobody lobbyist Mike Causey is all about action. Whether working on anti-steering legislation, running for state-wide office or working as an extra in a Disney movie, he’s never bored.

Paradise By the Dashboard Light

The Americans’ love affairs with their cars

Is the Industry Suffering from Widespread Billing Fraud and Repair Defects

Editor’s Note: Some background: In 2000, California’s Department of Consumer Affairs, Bureau of Automotive Repair (BAR) launched an Autobody Inspection Program after Gov. Gray Davis signed legislation (2000-S.B. 1988) requiring the BAR to conduct a pilot program to determine the extent of autobody fraud in the state and to then recommend solutions to the legislature.

Parking Lot Pileup

To avoid an accident on the highway, a driver slammed on her brakes and crashed into seven parked cars instead – leaving a shop with a parking lot full of re-wrecked vehicles and a lot of explaining to do.

A Change of Season

“Real development is not leaving things behind as on a road, but in drawing life from them, as from a root.” -G.K Chesterton