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Thanks for the Lessons: Learning to Drive

My daughter is learning to drive. I now know the true meaning of fear. Don’t get me wrong, she’s not a terrible driver. She’s just 16 and easily distracted. Something piques her interest (an extra cool car, someone she thinks she knows or a fire truck pulling up to her favorite movie theater), and our

No Problem: This is How We Deal with Tough Adjusters in My Shop

By David M. Rowe I recently had a customer, who also happens to be a part-time employee in our service department, who was in need of a quarter window for her Ford Focus. This customer is insured with the "Good Hands People" at Allstate Insurance Company. My shop is also an Allstate PRO DRP. You’d

He’s No Johnny Come Lately: Padula’s Body Shop

A shop owner since the age of 17, John Padula runs his shop on his terms Shop Name:Padula’s Body Shop , Inc. Location: Tallmadge, Ohio Established: 1947 Square Footage: Main shop 4,000 square feet; detailing building 2,500 square feet President: John Padula No. of Employees: 8 – 1 body tech, 1 body tech helper, 2

I Spot a Time Saver: Search of the Ultimate Resistance Spot Welder

How many times have you bought a major or even a minor tool, only to realize that you didn’t really know what you were getting? Sure, you were able to get by with your purchase, but how many times did you want to kick yourself – wishing you’d researched just a little more? At our

Car Struck: Jay Leno Talks

y, and I soon felt like I was shootin’ the breeze with just another motorhead. But I didn’t go in unprepared. Prior to talking with Leno, I did some checking and learned that he was born in New Rochelle, N.Y., in 1950 and spent his youth in Andover, Mass. He’s one of the hardest-working people

Going Head-To-Head with DRPs

If you’re of the opinion that you can “beat ’em and don’t want to join ’em”, you need to market your shop
aggressively to consumers and offer them something they can’t get at a preferred provider shop.

Are You Willing

Have you ever had work steered from your shop to a direct-repair shop?

Have you ever tried to get on a DRP and were told the insurer “isn’t looking to add any shops right now”?If you’ve been in business for more than three minutes, you likely answered “Yes” at least once – if not twice.

DRPs: Strictly A Business Decision

In 1984, direct-repair program (DRP) – the original Allstate PRO System – was virtually unheard of. Although the concept had been tested on the East Coast and in some of the big cities, most body shops had never been introduced to the idea. One spring day, two people – known as “inspectors” – from Allstate

Getting Noticed: Choosing the Best Marketing Strategy to Attract More Cars

ng local relationships and keeping their name in front of insurance claims management. When I was an Allstate adjuster, a body shop that was out of my territory had a reputation for dishonesty and tough negotiations. Management and field staff joked about how this guy was always looking to be an Allstate DRP shop and

The Evolution of DRPs

“To every thing – there is a season – and a time – for every purpose – under heaven.” Those lyrics have been repeating in my head since I began outlining this article examining direct-repair agreements. Why? Because to examine DRP agreements without examining their history and evolution would – in my opinion – be