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Legislating Quality? A Bill to Declare Aftermarket Crash Parts Equivalent To OE Crash Parts

If common sense is so common, then why do so few people have it? I see examples every day that common sense is going the way of LPs and dinosaurs, and this latest only confirms my suspicions: California legislators are actually considering Assembly Bill 1163 – a bill to declare aftermarket crash parts equivalent to

Stupid Me, I Thought Parts Should Fit

Maybe A/M parts vendors would focus more on quality if we started passing the associated costs of having to return poor-fitting parts onto them.

Denise’s Page: Against the Wind

“Most of the shadows of this life are caused by standing in our own sunshine.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

Legislation and Intrigue in Illinois

It’s not easy getting laws passed that help consumers (and collision repairers) – especially when people in your own industry set out to sabotage your efforts.

The Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren: the New Family Car?

Forget lame station wagons, the “cool parent”-favorite SUVs and stereotypical minivans. The Formula 1-inspired engineering and design of the Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren make it the year’s best family car. “Wait, family car? No, that’s a sports car.” No, it’s a family car. With all the safety features Mercedes-Benz put in the SLR, I’m sure you

UV Coatings: Curing at Light-Speed

Increase productivity and boost your bottom line. UV curable coatings reach full cure in two to three minutes – and that’s with no mixing, virtually no VOCs and no heat.

Jagging Rights: Jaguar’s Exclusive Aluminum-Repair Network of Authorized Shops

This shop spent $100K to gain entry to Jaguar’s exclusive aluminum-repair network of authorized shops. While developing technologies from the world’s automakers have left most shops out in the cold, they also present risk-takers with some real opportunities. Fairless Hills, Pa. – Hunt Auto Body is at first glance, a typical independent body shop, tucked

Repairing Aluminum-Bodied Cars: Nepotism vs. Capitalism, Pete Petursson

Consumers are clueless they’re “captured,” insurers are angry they’re captured, and shops capturing the work are unsure they’ll ever recoup their investment. Yet OEM-authorized repair shops are a reality … for now anyway.