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By the Numbers: The Numbers Don’t Lie

Ever hear of the saying, “The numbers don’t lie?” For the most part, it’s true. A simple example is the win-loss record of a sports team. A coach can talk all he wants about how much effort his team has been putting forth all season and how each game could have gone either way, but

Change is in the Air: Solvent-Based Paint to Waterborne Paint

Sooner, rather than later, it’s predicted the industry will transition from solvent-based paint to waterborne paint. And, as would be expected, there will be the usual amount of resistance and backlash. However, many in the industry are already embracing waterborne technology, whether forced by government regulation or of their own volition, and these pacesetters will

Spending Less Can Cost More

Our jobber meant well, but when he said we could save $100 per gallon on a cheaper clear, we actually ended up losing $2 per gallon.

A Journey, Not a Destination

Lean is about a process of continually ‘getting it’ because you never stop trying to get there. But you must begin with understanding where you’re going and why you’re going there.

MLOs on the Grow

New research suggests that consolidation will continue and multiple-location collision repair operators will continue to gain favor as insurers push DRP performance.

DRPs, Here We Come?

Taking on DRPs will mean making loyal employees fit our new business model. And that doesn’t happen overnight. Part 9 of a series.

Make Way for Waterborne

The use of waterborne paint by body shops will soon be mandated in California’s South Coast Air Quality Management District. The technology is likely to reach everyone some day, so here’s what you need to know.

No Scuff ’n Shoot Here

The mindset that car refinishing is easy seems to be spreading throughout the industry. But there are no shortcuts to perfect paint jobs, and thorough prep work is essential to a lasting, quality repair.

OSHA: When Safety is a 4-Letter Word

An OSHA inspector recently showed up to perform a ‘random’ inspection. He noted two minor violations and complimented us on our compliance, saying the average body shop has 12 violations. Because he said his report would reflect favorably on us, we mistakenly thought our fines would only be a few hundred bucks.

Repairing ’05-’07 Volkswagen Beetle Rear Bumper Covers

Many times during the course of a repair, fit and finish of a particular part is critical to the final outcome. A new part that has been replaced or removed for repair may just not look the same as when it was originally installed on the vehicle. Manufacturers often publish a procedure to correct, modify